Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Quick Watercolour Pear

This is a quick practice piece using the wet-in-wet technique of allowing the colour to mix on the paper, creating colour and form.  This is a much looser style of painting and one which I want to move towards.  As a 'fiddler' (one who fiddles with her painting!!) it would stop me from overworking a piece and ruining it - I hope.  It is a style I enjoy very much so it seems the way forward for me. 
The exercise is part of Mark Geeson's course 'Wet-in-Wet Techniques' at ART TUTOR and painted  in my sketchbook using tubes of paint in French Ultramarine, Aureolin, Hookers Green and Burnt Umber with a number 12 round and a Rigger brush.


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Sketches from the Past

I picked this leaf up when I was out walking in the Autumn and took it home with the intention of sketching it there and then.  Of course I didn't and the leaf shrivelled up but not before I took a photo.
Now I much prefer painting or sketching still life from the real thing but sometimes that's not possible.  I'm quite pleased overall with this but as you can see the shadow on the left is not correct.  The leaf was actually turned up on that side so it was not touching the table, hence the shadow underneath which looks like another section of leaf.
The shadow needed to be darker but that's what more practice helps to improve.  
If you ignore the dodgy shadow, it's not too bad.